Our downloads are available in ePub and PDF formats. The ePubs contain sophisticated formatting and embedded fonts, which will not display properly on every ePub eReader device or app. Here is our list of pre-tested recommendations for your various devices.

Some new devices try to limit eBook access to their own device-related stores and formats (the old “company store” routine) but we have suggested some relatively easy workarounds below.

Desktop PC and Mac:
Use our PDF’s with Adobe Acrobat for the absolute best, most accurate display and clickable links, however, if you prefer ePub for desktop viewing, Firefox offers a free plugin ePub Reader. (Once installed, all you do is drag the ePub into your browser window.) The ePub via Firefox displays all the proper formatting and most fonts. Adobe Digital Editions is also free and will work for desktop viewing of ePubs (although it will not translate the embedded fonts) and Calibre (shareware) works well too but also has some font limitations.

iPad and iPhone:
So far, the best eReader app we’ve found for our ePubs is the freeware Bluefire Reader. The iPhone and iPad we tested didn’t allow direct use of the clickable hyperlink contained in the text and requires the user to copy and paste the link into the browser—cumbersome, but doable—and then you can view the story-related websites. It also changes the text into a single font style, similar to Adobe’s reader, but all the other vital formatting is intact—not optimum, but satisfactory.

Android–Google Nexus One, Samsung Fascinate, and G1:
The best recommendation for your Android is the PDF using the free Barnes & Noble Nook app (see info under Nook below.) The freeware Aldiko eBook Reader app for Android also supports ePub, however it must be set in CSS mode to properly display our products and will only display in day mode.

Important note: by default, Android can only download files it has a program associated with. When the user clicks the link to the .epub or PDF, the file will try to download, be called , then fail. We highly recommend Android users download either Linda File Manager or ASTRO File Manager, both of which allow the downloading of any file-type. (Aldiko requires all .epub files to be located in \eBooks\Import\ on the device's SD. This means if the user downloads the file straight from our website, they will then need to open either Linda or ASTRO and manually create the folders eBooks and Import, then copy the file from 'downloads' to \eBooks\Import\.) We realize this in not very non-user-friendly, unfortunately we didn’t create the software.

Although theoretically you can install the Kobo app and read eBooks on a Blackberry, the Blackberry we tested didn’t seem to work at all—could be user error. We were unable to get the ePub file into Kobo. If you own a Blackberry and can get it to work, please let us know how, which eBook app you used if it is something other than Kobo, and include any pointers to the process so we can share it here. Our ePubs can be converted to mobi using Calibre and that may be readable, however the mobi conversion loses pagination and looks less than ideal.

We highly recommend the PDF for Kindle users. Currently Kindle will only display the cover art in B&W, and the text is only readable in landscape mode, but it otherwise looks great. The download will need to be transferred onto your home computer and then copied into your Kindle library. Also, web interactivity with the Kindle is still in the experimental phase and not currently available on Kindle, so you will need to use a secondary device (home computer, etc.) to access all the story-related websites and download files. (Our ePubs can be converted to mobi using Calibre and that may be readable, however the mobi conversion loses pagination and looks less than ideal.)

Sony Reader:
The Sony 700 displays our ePubs in a similar fashion to the Bluefire Reader—again, text is limited to one font, but all other formatting is intact. Like the Kindle, cover will only display in B&W, and the Sony Reader also currently lacks a web browser, so a secondary device will be necessary to access the story-related websites and download files.

Barnes & Noble Nook:
The new Android-based Nook displays our ePubs perfectly (and any android user can download the application for free on any other android device.) You sign up for a nook account from within the app (easy) and then download the ePub file into the SDCARD\nook\my documents\ folder, and hit the refresh button in the 'nook' app.